Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This has not been a very good week for me. I feel very zombie like despite enjoying a very pleasant night out with J eating wood-fired pizza and watching the new Harry Potter movie. I feel very disconnected, like I am going through the motions and the only time I am fully engaged is when I'm crying my eyes out (and there has been some of that,along with not sleeping). I am trying not to get exhausted so have cut back what I try to do in a day, but the paperwork is never ending and I have yet to do anything about his car or the bank. A lot of it involves walking from one end of the mall to the other, and sorting books and paper involve standing, and my legs hurt.

The Imp escaped today and I was nearing panic but didn't want to let it into my voice. I discovered that, instead of heading next door which she had started off towards, she went into the front yard instead. She squawked when I picked her up but seemed to be glad to be back inside as it has been rather raw and cold this week. Sunday is a Swans match here in Canberra and the high is expected to be 10C so I'm glad I had my Swans parka dry cleaned.

I have a FO and it's even a handspun FO. The ribbed hat is done and I have been wearing it this week. It is warm and soft and just covers my ears. Now that I have straight hair, I have no fears of hat-hair, and may knit another one in a different colour. My only other knitting is my Trekking socks where I have finished the gusset decreases and am onto to foot (of sock 1).

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