Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm back! I'm sorry if I worried anybody out there by disappearing for almost a week. Friday my dear MIL told be she was coming down after a very erratic phone call with me on Thursday night. I knew I was babbling and out of it but couldn't stop myself and she astutely read that I needed company. She was here for two and a half days and simply having someone with me while watching TV was wonderful. I had a major meltdown while she was here but having someone to vent all my helpless and needing feelings to was probably life-saving. She also knows I will get through this because I am strong even if I don't feel like it.

One of the things I tried doing was ripping out superfluous hardware and other stuff but in the process I lost my internet connection. I am not supposed to kneel so I ended up with two bruised knees and several bruises on my arms from crawling around in the multicoloured spaghetti under the desk where the Big Computer sits. I finally gave up while talking to my ISP and they referred me to a wonderful service (CHCSS) who dispatched a wonderful person who spent 2 1/2 hours removing excess accounts, putting Brian's documents in my name, reconnecting me to the net, etc. There is a lot less in start up now so it doesn't take a year to start up any more. Any wives out there who rely on their husbands to make sure they are connected to the internet, force them, by threat of anything you think they value, to show you how the computer or computers are configured, what any passwords are that you may need should something happen to them, get them to put it in writing and update it routinely. Nobody should have to go through what I did for the past 6 weeks just because he thought he was immortal.

On Friday C and I went to the annual craft fair. I tried reining myself in on buying quilt stuff because I am a long way from making a quilt but the fabrics are so alluring. I only bought a few. I bought the Brandon Mably knitting book because I had been wondering about it for some time and wanted to see it before plonking down $35. It has several designs I'd knit in a flash and intarsia doesn't frighten me. If you like Kaffe Fassett designs, you will like this book. I want it for inspiration if nothing else. No, I won't be knitting them in Rowan but I should start keeping a list of what I need to knit one of them (a vest I think) on me so when I stumble across a sale bin, I'll know what I need.The nice thing about intarsia is that it does NOT end up double weight like fair isle does. I was thinking of using my stash of tapestry/needlepoint yarn to use up odds and ends of colours in a design like these. I also bought odds and ends like the pattern for the wire necklace that I bought the supplies for last year, some scissors, a compact fluouro daylight bulb in a wattage high enough to be of real use. There were no spinning supplies, but the ladies with the Procion dyes had a bigger booth this year. There was some yarn but mostly very expensive European lines. I got some Jawoll sock yarn because I liked the last bit if it so much; this time it's only solid camel brown but I need more brown socks (as well as more blue, purple and green socks).

I have more knitting book reviews to come but whatever task I tackle, I get very tired very quickly, and any standing takes its toll on my legs. So now I will go lie down for a while and hope I get the energy to go grocery shopping either later today or tomorrow.

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