Friday, April 01, 2016

To completely change the subject

Yes, it's the middle of the night again but a lightbulb went on in my head and I had to let these thoughts out before they drip out of my ears. I've had a growing desire to quilt again and I have no idea where it came from (or didn't). I've also been discussing custom made lampshades with an Etsy vendor and therefore looking at fabric. Fabric leads to quilting in my brain. Then I suddenly realised tonight that I have been addictively playing a iPad game called 100! in which you put various sized blocks in a 100 unit square. Well, gee, that almost sounds like a quilt! No wonder my brain has had its quilt cells firing. All I really want to do is reassemble a quilt I have already pieced and make it useful again. I pieced this quilt back when I had a king sized bed and it was made as a quilt cover or whatever you in the US call the cover one puts on comforters, which we call doonas. At any rate the colours ran, I no longer have a king sized bed, and I took it all apart. I want to put it back together as a double bed quilt and the itch is beginning to out itch the weaving itch. There are so many gorgeous quilting fabrics out there that I have a hard time keeping my finger off the "buy" button late at night. But I need to take stock before I go on a spending spree.

Meanwhile, I am plagued with a non functioning doorbell: it rings when there's nobody there (and switched off) and doesn't ring when there's somebody potentially important there like the guy who is supposed to prune my wisteria. As soon as I buy a new drapery rod for the lounge I will get the handyman in to fix them.

The cat (the brown one) is currently enamoured of the plastic strap that came off a box of printer paper. Go figure.

Another late night purchase was a Nordicware swirl patterned bundt pan that I fell instantly in love with when I saw Nigella make a lemon bundt cake in one.  She fell in love with bundt cakes on a tour of the US. I couldn't count the number of bundt cakes I've made in my life but a Nigella lemon one sounds like a great addition. She's joining Masterchef this season which means I might just watch.