Saturday, August 18, 2007

I may have been a bit premature in my "light at the end of the tunnel" declaration of yesterday. I did my crying in the shower this morning with more of the questions "why him?" and "why me?" which are the continuing unanswerable questions. I don't believe that he was chosen by any higher power no matter how much I wish it were that easy to answer those questions. It is merely a fact that I am still struggling to learn to live with.

I know I talk about the running warfare between the Senior cat and the Imp. Then they go and pull a stunt like at right, where you might even believe they tolerated each other. Actually there was a lot of growling from the Senior cat (see her shaved belly?) and I think the Imp jumped up to blindside her and then decided to go to sleep. However, they are in my chair so this cozy scene will be disrupted. There have been no Swans reports because that's a still raw area and I can't bear to watch without him. J & I still SMS each other during the matches.

I told you how much I liked the Trekking sock yarn I was knitting and you see why you would expect the result on the right from the yarn on the left. If you like the colourway it's colour 101.

I was a little naughty in buying some sock yarn, but it doesn't count in the knit from your stash pledge. The top is Madelinetosh superwash merino in colour "bark" and the bottom in Schaeffer Anne (superwash merino, mohair and nylon) in a staggering 560 yds., colour "bright earth"

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Taueret said...

any yarn that beautiful (the bright earth) should be exempt from any and all pledges.