Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Trekking socks are finished and as you can see from the photo they don't really have any repeating pattern, just gradual changes. This would be a good way to make interesting sock yarn and the colour changes all happen because one of the plies in the yarn changes colour and this happens in very long sections. I have cast on sock from the green merino & silk I spun not so long ago but I think they won't be for me. Think on this and cast on some cotton socks for the rapidly approaching summer. I also am starting a baby jumper for my English penpal's granddaughter and I am going to use some green variegated hand dyed (not by me) handspun merino with some leftover green superwash for ribbing. I am suddenly filled with a need to knit with my handspun which is A Good Thing.

So it's been a week without a blog. A week that has for the most part passed uneventfully. It seemed that last Weds meltdown knocked something loose, or the subsequent upping the dosage of Luvox helped (I'm back on my regular dose now), or something. I had been keeping a journal when I had a lot of pent up stuff I couldn't get out and I found that writing it became harder because it meant I had to re-hash those feelings of the day instead of letting them pass. So no more journal. I can now look at his photo on my bedside table and smile rather than sob. I've worked in the garden, thrown out 2 more boxes of paper, found that we really didn't need a 4 drawer filing cabinet (which is cleverly constructed of 2 2-drawers stacked on top of each other) so I can take one for my studio. There is a used book seller going thru boxes of books as I write, and I should actually get some money out of the hoarded mess.

I rented a storage locker for the loom and had to get a bigger one than I had thought because it wouldn't get through the door of the smaller unit. I hung around all weekend waiting for a call to say the movers were there only to log on to my email on Monday and found that they came but couldn't get the loom through the door of the truck. I had supplied the movers with dimensions but for some reason they tried to get it through the side door of a truck rather than the rear. So we are on for next Saturday we hope. I also sincerely hope M can help me take it apart to put into a smaller (cheaper) unit or even move it into the house. I went to the ANU open day and found members of the guild being shown the computer-controlled loom by M. I really hope the guild really becomes a true spinners AND weavers guild and not a ladies chat group. I bought an apron with the ANU logo and a celtic knot design screen printed in red on a black background.

I've been listening the Syne's Weavecast for the past day and have gotten really inspired to weave so I will really and truly warp the 4 shaft once a little of the clutter is gone. I hate to dump old computers in a skip, but what else can you do? I still have piles of floppies to look at to see whether there's anything important on them. I spent hours unintalling game software to sell, but was unable to find his book database. If it's there, it's hidden well. I also discovered by opened one of the boxes that hadn't made it to the shed that he had interfiled sci fi with other stuff, some of which I did not want to sell, so I now have to go through the boxes in the shed retrieving things I want to keep. Yes, this means when I cark it, somebody will have books to deal with but at least I don't have my college text books. Just LOTS of fibre.

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metal and knit said...

So glad to hear you are doing better. I only stumbled across your blog due to the love of Sydney Swans and I must say it is the one time I cannot knit is watching the game.