Friday, July 27, 2007

The senior cat is home from hospital! And despite a whopping vet bill and a shaved tummy, seems none the worse. The diagnosis is tentatively lungworm which can be spread by mosquitoes. She will have to get 2 more shots a week apart. If this doesn't work, we'll try steroids, but there are no obvious signs of any other underlying condition. The Imp hardly ate while her elder companion was away; Miss Pink Nose scarfed down almost a full serve of fish stuff, had a drink and peed copiously. I have known that she won't pee at the vet's and this sure sounded like 3 day's worth. The vet-smell is making the Imp very hostile.

My eye is still bothering me. I left the lens out until I had to drive and now the lens feels very scratchy. Going without limits me to things not involving reading, so I moved stuff from room A to room B, boxed books, ironed, and started a vat of split pea soup. Just to keep the weather unpredictable, we had thunderstorms this afternoon.

I have been trying to process some of my free alpaca. I started out on the lightest which is almost white when clean. The key words here are when clean. Alpacas like to roll so I expected lots of dust. I didn't expect quite so much VM in the form of burrs, grass seeds, pieces of twigs, bark, who-knows-what that are embedded in every lock. I went through enough for a mesh laundry bag and washed it. The water was black. Repeat 4 more times. Now it is cleaner but still dirty at both ends and lots more VM still present. The good news is the fibre is very soft, almost 8' (20cm) long in places, and should look great when spun. This sounds very much like the filthy fleece but I've got 6 trash bags of alpaca! I would be open to offers of taking some of it off my hands.

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Wendy said...

Good luck on cleaning the alpaca, if you find something that works please let me know. I usually use baby soap for wools but it doesn't seem to touch the dust/oil combination from alpaca.