Friday, July 20, 2007

I was naughty yesterday. While being a mature woman with a certain blended grey in my hair, I am still a teeny-bopper at heart and still love rock music and I don't mean the golden oldies radio station. I listen to contemporary music, and while I do demand some musicality from the artists (and for some reason I don't like female singers), I also listen to lots of lesser known bands (see Not Lame). Two of Australia's biggest rock bands, silverchair and Powderfinger are touring together and I was dying to go but know nobody else in my approximate age group who might go with me. I knew they were playing Canberra and were setting up their tent in the forecourt of the National Library (where Cirque du Soleil did) and so I asked the person who sits across from me who has occasionally mentioned liking some contemporary rock if she'd be interested. She declined but said her daughter thought it was sold out. Crushed, I did a quick online search and found out that all the capital cities were sold out (and had extra dates added) but regional towns were not. I could have gone to Coffs Harbour or Mildura to see them but not Sydney. Canberra still had tickets and goaded by my workmate I bought a ticket. Big bucks but to see the 2 bands together and in Canberra, I couldn't resist. So instead of listening to more podcasts I listened to their latest albums which I had on the iPod but had underplayed. I need to load back catalogue albums onto the iPod as I only had Vulture Street in addition to the latest. I may get older but I refuse to grow up.

Busy day. Up at 6 to be at the GP at 7 (weighed self--lost another kilo despite random acts of chocolate), home and set bread baking and towels washing. Did grocery shopping (Weight Watchers makes lamington fingers!). Spent hours on hold with various agencies as the Bear's death certificate finally arrived. I called about passport, drivers license, Amex cards, and both superannuation funds. Their responses left a sinking feeling on how long it will take for me to "file a claim" to retrieve his super funds. Off the the optometrist about my irritated cornea and was told to leave the lens out and put drops in, which is annoying because going one eyed is very off putting. You don't realize how much depth of field is important until you don't have it. I have also developed a floater in my right eye to go along with the left one which has been with me for 2 years. Home via the chemist where I got about 8 scripts filled. The bread is gorgeous and smells heavenly. When the bread machine works as it's supposed to, it makes great bread; this was Italian country style to which I added a small glug of olive oil and some herbs. Now I am officially done for the day. I can't bear the thought of balancing the check book or starting my taxes with my eyes like this.

Had an absolutely wonderful phone call last night with my SIL where we both got weepy and expressed mutual desires to get closer despite them living in Brisbane. I will try and figure out a time to go up for a visit when my weaving class either has term break or afterwards. I haven't been to Brisbane since 1988 when we really only passed through on the way to the Gold Coast. I really like J&G and have always wished we had more options to see each other. They have sensible male Burmese while I have one who squawks at me when I forbid her from fishing for emery boards in my nightstand, or who gnaws on my knuckles after she washes my hands. With the loss of the Bear I must rely on his family to be my family here. I also heard from the aunt & uncle in Sydney so I don't feel quite so alone. If only the family weren't so spread out, from Brisbane to Melbourne.

I remembered I promised my English penpal a gift for her granddaughter for Christmas. At the rate I knit, I'd better start now. The hat I'm knitting is the ribbed cap from One Skein Wonders and a quick try on of what I've knit so far seems to fit. The red tweed handspun must be ripped out for the second time, just as I completed the back of a jumper for the Bear. I might do a top down raglan for me. I don't have many wool pullovers, 3 actually and I only knit one (and it's red and white).

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