Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I had the alarm set to leap out of bed and get cracking, and instead went back to sleep for a couple more hours. This is supposed to be my day off to recharge. I ended up doing 2 loads of laundry (how did all my nightgowns save the one I am currently wearing get in the wash at once?) and did some of that tidying new widows have. I got all the food he bought that I don't eat out of the cupboards and into a box for a charity TBD. Baked beans, mustard pickles ( 2 jars) and such like. Now I have room to put some of the stuff that has been living on the counter. I also found things I forgot I had. I had a brief thought of making brownies for weaving tonight and looked at the clock and gave up on that. Tonight is trash night (or actually very early tomorrow morning) and I threw out the 10 video cassettes that have been living under a table in the living room for about 5 years while he got around to watching them. I don't even know what was on them because he didn't label anything

I finished the socks I had been knitting him while he was in hospital and gave them to my MIL. I could never see those socks again without a certain feeling. I am knitting some for myself out of Trekking is a very unusual colourway--it's a rusty tan plied with light blue that shifts to a dark almost black plied with blue or tan plied with deep red. Trekking is really hard to predict just by looking at a ball but it wears like iron and has excellent yardage. Many a sock toe has been finished with left-over Trekking. I finally gave into the Canberra weather and started knitting myself a hat out of some handspun merino in charcoal from Fiberworks. The wool is so soft. But this is my first time with my Knitpick Options needles, and whether it's because I'm knitting in the round in a rather tight circle or what, but the ends keep unscrewing despite my re-tightening the ends. I like the sharp ends and hope it's just the nature of what I'm knitting that is causing the problem. I might switch to some Addis for this. We were supposed to have a high today of 8C but it was much warmer and was not as cold last night as predicted, although I understand the mountains were white this morning. Sydney had the coldest night in 21 years. I keep thinking of Brenda's tagline of "If you're cold, put on a sweater; that's what they're for." And guess what? I found the jumper the Bear swore he had looked for everywhere and that I had thought he left in China. In his wardrobe, right where it was supposed to be. My Swans parka I bought on a whim when it was on sale has gotten a workout this winter.

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Jan said...

Still thinking of you at this time.

Knitpicks? Just bought the big set and have used them once on a moebius scarf. I used the little key and they stayed together. Just as well with 300 or so stitches.

I like the tips but don't find them anything extra special. The cord however is another matter. It's just great, after being twisted around for the moebius strip it unwound after casting off to be absolutely fine, no kinks, no bumps etc. It was really flexible to use too.

Take care and watch out for nasty bugs creeping up when your immune system is even lower than normal.