Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rant while the ire is hot. I just went to website because they stated in a spinning sale group they were having a sale. Well, their "sale" price for 16 oz of roving was $29-35US depending on fibre and I simply don't see why that is a sale. In the same digest were Targhee roving blended with thrums (I would have preferred if they hadn't but everybody seems to feel the need to add Angelina to everything these days) and she wanted $20 a pound. Then there was the page of some designer's patterns (could be the site-owner's for all I know). Kits! I am becoming fond of kits because I know what I need will be in the kit. Sorry, no kits exist yet--come back soon! Patterns? a felted tote, a generic shawl. There are so many free patterns out there, why bother? People seem to think the web enables them to sell anything and then wonder why they go out of business. If there weren't so much paperwork involved I'd sell Aussie fibre online, because I have enough in the stash to make some little packages out of the multi-kilo lots I have. I could even do some dyeing and make a killing no doubt, but since I have no desire to get friendly with the ATO (IRS), I'll sit on it. and maybe even spin it. Until my husband's estate is settled I am not buying anything and of course the Aussie dollar is hitting new heights and I'm pining for weaving supplies. Anyone want to trade?

I am spinning the black portion of the spotted fleece and boy is this stuff wonderful. So soft and long stapled. Obviously one of those merinos culled from the pristine white national flock for the benefit of handspinners. The Bendigo wool show is this weekend but I won't be going. I'll be there in spirit listening to alpacas hum and sheep bleat. I'd love to see the land as well but it's just too soon. I might go down later in the year and take a trip into Melbourne
on the train If I could get transport to the American food store and back. I'd love to visit the Victorian tapestry studio and see it in action. I hear there's more fibrey stuff in Melbourne as well, maybe even weaving supplies?

The Imp is trying to get me to play fetch with a twist-tie but I think it's time for bed.

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