Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Of course, I'm still sitting here, reading blogs, throwing the stupid sheep for The Imp to fetch and give me to throw again. At one point she was standing on Della's keyboard with her rear end in my face lashing me with her tail. Does this mean something beyond she is demented?

I had to post this picture. I will not name the fibre purveyor who is selling this. It is priced at $26.00US and the site doesn't give a weight. Now, I understand the lure to the non-spinner of hand-crafted yarn but what the heck are you supposed to make out of this lump of stuff? I cannot begin to express (in a genteel and non-pornographic way) what I think of this crap. It gives a bad name to people who spend large amounts of time hand-crafting gorgeous yarns to have this stuff sold as "unique" and "one of a kind" (I certainly hope so) but in my opinion it's akin to someone selling the pot your 6-year-old made in craft class as equally unique and hand-crafted. This stuff masquerading as art yarn outrages me. Maybe I ought to set up a fancy web-site and sell my overspun and mistakes as one-of-a-kind art yarns. Stop ranting now.

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