Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Writing a blog, I suppose, involves the bad as well as the good. Today was a bad day. Full of pain and self-recrimination and tears in my boss's office. Yesterday I felt no pay-back pain from my berry pruning so I did some more. Big mistake. I was exhausted as the evening wore on, went to bed early, woke up in pain and, goading myself to get at it, got up at 6.30 and dutifully washed my hair and dried it. (To those of my friends who don't know this because you haven't seen me recently, I have grown my hair long again, and it's down below my shoulder blades and straight). At that point I realized there was no way I was going to put myself behind the wheel of a car and drive to work so I called my boss and left a message that I would be in late and went back to bed for 2 hours. I finally pried myself up and got to work at 10, left at 12 for an appointment with my rheumatologist to discuss my impending disability review and the debatable prospect of knee replacement. Tears of frustration shed. Got back to work at 2 and cried in my boss's office. I was eating my lunch when IT announced that ALL library systems would be coming down in 10 minutes. At that point I decided to go home.

Now it's mid-evening and I feel somewhat better. I had a cuddle with The Imp and we played fetch with a twist-tie for a while.

I was pondering my fascination with rare sheed breeds. Why when merino is so cheap and plentiful do I go off looking for CVM or Wensleydale? I can't figure it out myself except I've always been one for trying weird stuff. I haven't spun much of what weird wool I've got yet because I have been trying to make a dent in the stash and spin the kilo lots rather than the samples but I must get over that and spin some samples just for fun. I need to learn to spin different fibres and so far it's just been merino, Corriedale, Polwarth and Romney/mohair blend. And all that white wool that needs to be dyed and spun, or spun and dyed. I'm inclined to spin first and dye later maybe because I think otherwise the space-dyed roving ends up as dispersed colour, tweedy rather than rich. Both methods work with different results and I am worried as well about felting roving because I've bought too much hand-dyed that was close to felted.

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