Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A brief rant before I sign off. I have been surfing and reading knitting blogs and various other things and I get so P-Oed at all these patterns and directions (US-centric) that think they are generic and call for a ball of Noro or Cascade or even Koigu. Do you guys have any idea that NONE of those yarns are an option here? I don't know if there is a store in Australia that sells them (maybe in Melbourne) but certainly none in Canberra. One of the reasons I learned to spin is because of the scarceness of anything interesting to knit with. Yes, I have a LYS that carries some of the latest glitzy Italian stuff but what I wouldn't give for a cotton blend or some silk or something a little interesting that doesn't cost $12 a ball. And as far as bamboo or linen! Nowhere here folks! Makes me damn grumpy when Classic Elite releases a new yarn that's cotton & silk & nylon and I won't see it. Grumble grumble

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Donna said...

It's a pain when our LYS's don't carry these yarns! My LYS is an hour's drive away. Noro is available at a few Sydney yarn stores, and there is an Australian supplier for cascade now www.yarnsonline.com.au (online sales only), but still no suppliers for Koigu or Classic Elite :(
I wish we had more beautiful sock yarns available locally! (Meanwhile, I should own shares in postal outlets for the amount of money I spend on postage ;)
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