Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I went out wandering knitting blogs again and was reading Knits with cats (don't we all?) and had to take the Southern-ness test and managed a decent score which must mean something since I am writing at a great distance from the South. I only was adopted, living south of the Mason-Dixon line for 12 years and was married to a Southern gentleman for 12 years being adopted into his family. They never ate grits so I don't consider that a defining point but I'd kill for Carolina bar-B-Q (the smoked vinegary kind, not the tomatoey Texas kind). I finally got the Bear to understand about iced tea and the importance of pie in the diet. I also know I would never be able to live through a southern summer as the humidity would kill me. But I can have fantasies about Virginia ham and biscuits, can't I? Have to only be fantasies as there is NO Smithfield-style ham here!!

And we are talking about why we knit? I can't imagine life without some sort of fibre related craft in it, whether it's sewing, quilting, needlepoint, knitting and someday weaving. Knitting is portable, practical, wearable by every person under some circumstance. I've needlepointed everything in sight (including 4 dining room chairs), but socks and any other piece of clothing can be knit for everyone and even those I don't know. Transforming string or even bags of fluff into clothing is a great gift and, as somebody said, what else would I do while watching TV? Besides eat.....

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