Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Round 5: How could I have forgotten to post that the Swannies won!!?? I must have been sick! Against a rejuvenated Geelong they played more like they used to and the defense really cracked down. Jude Bolton played a blinder. According to the Australian, they had a team blame sharing session (which sounds like what Roosy would cook up) where the players told each other where they were screwing up rather than the coach dumping on people. This made them commit to play as a team again and it showed. If only Mick could kick straight! He kicked 1.4 and missed easy goals right in front. Had he been running backwards kicking over his head he probably would have made it but in front of goal is too easy. We are just out of the eight and play Brisbane this week who are looking very sorry and sad. I cannot complain when Brisbane gets old and tired after all the years they walloped the Swannies.

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