Monday, May 01, 2006

I had a crap weekend feeling unwell the whole time. Passing cold I think. It got very crowded in bed with both cats wanting to keep Mummy company. I didn't even had the energy to read. Back to work today, but we had a soggy weekend so I didn't miss anything except going to the Guild's annual show. I am ambivalent about the show. It is a big deal to the people who are active in the Guild but I haven't been knocked out by anything in it for the past few years. There were things that I liked but are either beyond my technical capabilties and always will be, or things I would like to do but I'm not there yet. Then there are the things that I can't even put a name to. Fibre Things. Art. I have far too much of a pragmatic bent to ever do anything just to make an artistic statement. I haven't the time or money to spend on things that can't be used. I hate even practice because it takes time and materials, even when I know I will benefit from practicing before I charge in an something new. Time is something that I feel is very finite; that I (and everyone else) has a limited amount of days/hours/minutes on this earth and I need to be careful how I spend those hours. Since I have gotten seriously sick, time is even more precious to me and I really get angry when I am laid low and have to watch that time dribble away, never to be recaptured. On the other hand, I have also learned that there are occasions with my health when I really can't and shouldn't try to do anything. Sometimes I just have to rest, even if that only means I lie down for 45 minutes. That may be enough to recharge my batteries, and if I insist on pushing on, I often fall in a heap and lose more than those 45 minutes to severe pain or illness.

The Guild show is also for hand spun items and I haven't used a lot of my hand-spun yet, but I do have a cardigan that has one sleeve about 3/4 finished that I will go back to after the WW2 socks. I have bits and pieces on handspun, enough to make several jumpers. But the time to knit was lacking, especially this summer when we had so many dreadfully hot days. I don't mind knitting in the summer but when the temperature gotes about 35C I can't do anything. There was a lot of lying in front of a fan with a cold drink this summer. Last year I sold some hand-spun in the Guild shop but things have tightened up this year and I didn't have anything to qualify. Someday I will get the loom set up; I am really looking foreward to that!

WW2 socks: I have finished the first one!! I also wound off the bobbin of tan merino I had plied (not to be confused with Dan Marino for any NFL fans out there). 325 yds of sport-weight. Someone insisted on getting into the photos. She's good about that.
The socks are surprisingly skinny but I have followed the pattern religiously. Short foot too: only 7" from heel to start of toe decreases. They are shown next to a modern version of the socks which are not wool and therefore not authentic.

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