Friday, May 19, 2006

I was just looking as someone's blog where the knitter had a link to show their stash. I'm sorry but if you can take photos of the handful of items in your stash and post them individually, that does not count as a stash. That is a small collection of things in waiting but I don't even think it's a stash until you are into multiple plastic storage boxes. The acronym SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy) was coined for a reason and few tasteful skeins of angora do not a stash make. Earlier in the evening I was searching kitchen cabinets for chocolate in sheer desperation due to knitting the damn WW2 sock. (And I am so good that there is no chocolate in the house except baking chocolate so I had to make do with a bag of butterscotch chips) I have finished the calf shaping for the second sock so I am about half way. I am desperate to knit something other than this damn sock. Maybe tomorrow I'll fondle things in the stash and take some photos of some of the yummier things and we can have a poll about what I should knit next. Oh, but I have the hand-spun to knit a cardigan for J and some yummy kid mohair I want to combine with some cashmere blend into an Old Shale shawl. And I think I already want to take some black & turquoise alpaca for a vest out of a box. I wound off another skein of tan merino and have enough on bobbins to ply another so I spun a little on the hand-dyed Polwarth so I can ply that. I am hoping it comes out lace-wieght so I can knit something out of "Lavish Lace" which was one of my most recent Amazon purchases. One of my goals this knitting year is to knit something lace and this book has patterns that look basic enough for me to try. I am also carding the mixed colour wool out of the spotted fleece. It is really soft and lovely.

Earlier this evening I was converting audio files. By that I mean I was taking the CDs that I had ripped from old audio-tapes, some bought as tapes and some recorded from
CDs my ex-husband has, and pushing them through iTunes and loading them onto my iPod. Since they have no track labels I have to go online and try and match the songs to the albums and it's always helpful when I managed to combine multiple recordings onto one CD and have to reconstruct. But I managed to get The first Stone Roses, 2 Jesus Jones tapes, The Posies "Dear 23" and the Counting Crows "August and everything after" from one medium to another. I've also loaded several knitting podcasts which I must remember to listen to. I am sure the record industry wants to lock me up because they don't think I paid them enough for 20 years of listening to a tape of the Stone Roses bought in a petrol station in England in 1985 and listened to millions of times since. Of course when you're going back a certain number of years I have no option. The Posies aren't available via ITunes but I was amused to see that all the Jesus Jones recordings were re-issued in 2000.

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