Saturday, June 03, 2006

This will not be a long post but I had to pass on this photo for cat-lovers. It was on a page of wacky Japanese design ideas. I think the look on the cat's face sums it up pretty good. "You expect me to dust?"

Also had a mad dash out the back when The Imp decided to follow the Bear outside when he went to hang laundry. Fortunately the smell of the BBQ was so intriguing that she didn't get very far. The thought of her in the big wide world is a terrifying one. She has now gutted the sheep and removed one eye.

I have both bad news and good news. The bad is that there has been a death in the family and I am pretty down about it and the good news is that I finished knitting the WW2 socks. My not jumping up and down should indicate my low feeling at this moment. Getting the news when in the middle of a migraine made everything worse.

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