Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I haven't posted in a while for no good reason. Not enough hours in the day. Today my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, another companion of FMS) is making a brief visit, just enough to make me want to stay near facilities. Dinner was bread & butter. The senior cat is driving me batty. I let her sleep with me because it's winter and I feel sorry for her because the Imp gets so much attention. But she's a big cat and when she insists on sitting on me, my leg muscles complain after a while and she acts all hurt and indignant when I ask her to get down so I can move. When she comes to bed she frequently has to be awakened from where she's been sleeping on a heating vent to come to my bedroom and then she comes to the door and just sits looking in. I practically have to coax her to cross the threshold. Then there is this heavy lump usually in the middle of the bed. I have to close the door or the Imp would either use me as a jumping castle, pick on the senior cat provoking a middle of the night cat-fight on top of me, or lick my neck (she likes licking the Bear's ankles when she sleeps with him). If we have to use the litter box in the night we wake Mummy up to let us out and then scratch on the door to be let back in. This is why I am a cat lover....

On the knitting front I have done about 8" on my MIL's Eros scarf and either because of the way this ball was dyed or because I am knitting it a bit wider than mine, it is displaying nice broad stripes of colour, turquoise, lavender, purple in shiney viscose dots against the black binder. I have finished a pair of socks for The Bear in a boring navy fleck and cast on a pair for me in Trekking in a purples and blues colourway. I am using my new rosewood dpns which are a bit longer than I normally use but are so pleasing. I listened to the Knitcast at work today and was drooling at the description of the luxury yarns on sale at the Naked Sheep in Toronto. It was my first notice of the Sea Silk yarn from Handmaiden. Sounds scrumptious, but then all their yarns are. I also stumbled upon Honeypot yarns online but they don't seem to have much of a retail presence yet. Their colour mixes are to die (dye) for and the fibres are deluxe. I wish sometimes I were more of a spendthrift and bought luxury yarns, like silk and cashmere and angora but my New England purse snaps shut at the prices. I got my 2 discounted Opal balls, one is Zebra which I couldn't resist.

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moggie said...

hey there! thanks for stopping by at moggiesworld.

dont know much abt knitting and such, but i do appreciate creativity. i particularly like the pic on your tapestry submitted on 12/6. the fish in that piece is called a triggerfish. (just got my diving licence and have this problem of trying to identify marine fish whenever i can, so you'll hv to excuse me).

read abt your medical complications. my dad suffers from acute rheumatoid arthritis, the pains he suffers from are sometimes unbearable, so i know how u must feel sometimes. that's why people like yourself are a great encouragement and inspiration to me, the way you dont just cope, but Live.

probably never get the opportunity to meet you, but i can tell you are a very special person. take care and pop by moggiesworld whenever u can. : )