Thursday, June 15, 2006

I have actually been quite busy fibre-wise. I have almost finished carding the grey from the spotted fleece. Lastly there is the white to card. Tonight I wound off the recently spun Wendy Dennis's hand-dyed Polwarth and the photo does not do it justice. It has a lovely silky hand to it and there is a very subtle interplay of blue, rose and a grey/green. I hope there is enough to make a lace scarf. I am very pleased since I aimed for a finer weight yarn than I usually spin and it looks nice, but it has not been washed so I don't know how it will bloom when it hits water. I really liked this Polwarth and I have some dark brown but I will be on the look-out for more in Bendigo. I have another lot of Wendy Dennis's hand-dyed in the stash

I also received my shipment of mill ends from Brown Fleece as sold by The Sheep Shed Studio and I am very pleased (maybe I'm just easily pleased). I have a pound each of mostly black with grey stripes (pictured) and a pound of mostly grey with black stripes. I also got a pound of purple superwash which may end up socks.

I am definitely off the yarn diet as I have bought a number of balls of Opal sock yarn at what I consider steal prices. Opal and Trekking are my two favourite sock yarns and while I try everything, they still rank at the top. I also found a place in Canada off loading ends of Philosopher's Wool at half price. I know that people think there are "nicer" wools than theirs for fair isle, but I've got the book and I love the designs and I want to give it a go with wool I know is made for the designs. There wasn't a complete colour range but I got navy and a lighter blue, two shades of raspberry and light grey to play with. I figure if I don't buy a kit or some other pre-planned fair isle thing I'll never get around to actually doing it.

And guess what? The Imp just brought me a sheep! She has been trying to removing its stuffing for days but I keep putting it back.

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