Sunday, June 25, 2006

Round 12: They lost. I didn't watch it because I preferred to spend the evening with the Bear watching a DVD ("Good Night and Good Luck"). The scoreline showed their kicking was off again, something that has let them down repeatedly over the years (and I mean years). Roosy says there are senior players carrying minor injuries that has cut their ability to train. 60,000 at Telstra Stadium is a good turn-out, and I love rubbing it in to rugby which struggles to pull 20,000 and frequently has trouble pulling 5,000 to a match. Yet the commentators still believe the NSW is a rugby state.

"Good Night and Good Luck" is a movie we saw in NY with my sister in October and while it struck a chord with me, not because I am old enough to remember the McCarthy era but because I remember Murrow, I was surprised to see how interested the Bear was. He is not the most articulate of animals so I don't know if it was the excellence in the production or the ideas presented or his interest in things American that caught his interest. Since his taste frequently runs to mindless action movies, this was a surprise.

Yesterday I dyed the WW2 socks. I am very unhappy with the results but I have no recourse now except perhaps to try overdyeing. I used the dye supplied by my customer, which is supposed the military use "hosiery tan" and he also supplied me with their version of khaki which looked olive drab to me. I followed the directions and did a sample of hosiery tan and got butterscotch but even more orange. I threw the khaki in to try and tone it down and did another sample. Better but not right. At that point I should have thrown out the dye and tried using my Landscape dyes but I tried anyway. The result is a very rich butterscotch after simply dipping the socks in and out. The directions told me to boil the material for long periods of time but that was absurd given the colour strike I was getting. I will photograph them when they are thoroughly dry but I might try overdyeing first.

Weird site reports: Cute overload for all your kitten and rabbit needs and the Minnestota Association of Rogue Taxidermists (not for the squeamish) including its links to crytozoology (did I mention I have a fear of giant squid brought on by viewing 20,000 leagues under the sea at an impressionable age?)

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