Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I surrender to the High school meme floating about (try Googling it) partly because of some private stuff going on in my life. Any questions regarding high school have 2 answers, up to senior year when I was happily in NY and senior year when I was unhappily in FLA.

1. Who was your best friend? In NY, Wendy and Patti who went to the movies with me every weekend, and who listened to the same music and talked on the phone endlessly. In Fla, I didn't have any.

2. What sports did you play?
None, either place.

3. What kind of car did you drive? In NY I wasn't legal to drive. In Fla, my mother's wide-track Pontiac, 1959 model.

4. It's Friday night, where are you? At home, watching TV with my parents. I didn't (wasn't allowed to) date.

5. Were you a pary animal? You must be kidding.

6. Were you in the "in" crowd?
See no. 5. Academically I was close to the top in my class in both places but that doesn't make you popular.

7. Did you even skip school? Nope. Too afraid of screwing up my grades.

8. Ever smoke a cigarette? Yep. My father owned stock in American Tobacco and I snitched his free samples at 16. It was love at first drag and I smoked until I was 30.

9. Were you a nerd? I suppose so, if grades counted. Fashion-wise I made all my own clothes and made Vogue copies of the latest fashions.

10. Did you ever get suspended/expelled? Never. I was a Good Girl.

11.Can you sing the alma mater? Not to either one. Not even a glimmer of a memory.

12. Who was your favourite teacher? In NY, probably Mr. Snow, the chemistry teacher. I don't remember the names of my Fla teachers.

13. Favourite class? In NY French or English; in Fla, Humanities.

14.What was you School's full name? Eastchester High School, Manatee County High School

15. School Mascot? Eagles; Hurricanes

16. Did you go to the Prom? No.

17. If you could go back and do it over, would you? No, and I'd opt out of the senior year in Fla and go straight into college, which I could have done, but didn't know it at the time.

18. What do you remember most about graduation? The excrutiating sun-burn I had on my shoulders due to partying too long in the sun at the senior beach party (the only party I went to in Fla because the whole class went)

19. Favourite memory of your senior year? The guy in front of me in home room who was nice to the new girl and let me make up stories about us as a couple to send back north. In retrospect, I think he was gay!

20. Were you ever posted on the senior wall? What's a senior wall?

21. Did you have a job your senior year? No.

22. Who did you date? Nobody.

23. Where did you go most often for lunch? The classroom where we had Humanities next period; a bunch of kids hung out there instead of going to lunch.

24. Have you gained weight since then? My word, yes. I thought I was fat in high school, but baby look at me now!

25. What did you do after graduation? Go to college across the state and had a wonderful time.

26 What year did you graduate? 1966.

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