Sunday, June 25, 2006

WHY WHY WHY! I forgot to take my med this morning. I now have an explanation for why I have been dizzy, nauseous, and bloated that does not relate to having split pea soup for lunch. We had our normal Sunday brekkie of srambled eggs and english muffins and I forgot to take my pills! In the AM I worked on my knittting magazine index project (75 patterns so far and I've done Vogue Knitting, Cast On and Sandra which are the small lots) and after lunch I went out to do more pruning but I could hardly lift the long-handled pruners, and every time I bent over to pick up branches I got dizzy. When you have as many things wrong with you as I do, you tend to dismiss "little things" like dizziness or bloating. I have BPV (benign positional vertigo) but it wasn't this bad last week. IBS makes me bloat, but I take simethicone for that (well, I thought I did) and what about missing your morphine dose could make you feel bad anyway? Now, children, there is a reason why drugs are bad, and I am talking opioids here. I am not "hooked" like a drug addict who wants her next hit to get high. I don't get high; I might get low without it, but I don't feel any rush of wonderfulness when I take my time-release morphine. I just don't hurt as bad. But NOT taking an addictive drug when you are physically addicted means you start to go into withdrawal and it's not a nice place to be. I ususually feel so bad I can't function so feeling just a bit off-centre confuses me. I hate myself when I do stupid things like this. Here I have a fleet of doctors trying to keep me well and I can't remember to take the f***ing pills.


metal and knit said...

I know what it is like to forget your pills I have MS so just remembering is a feat in itself. I get shaky if i dont take mine and tire far too easy.

Good to see another swans supporter

rcclive said...

I've had words with at least one doctor over my use of dilaudid for pain - a very low dose oral form. I can't take any OTC pain relievers due to kidney & liver problems and tendency to bleed internally. At least I was coherent enough to argue with the man (I was in the hospital at the time and not at my most cogent). Grr - goes to show, know what you're taking and why, well enough to justify it when necessary.