Monday, June 26, 2006

Thanks to commenters on the drug issue. I should amend what I said about opioid use as to why I take them and it's not simply because I'm in pain, although my GP once said to me, "you know you'll never be pain-free" (gee, thanks for that pick-me-up, doc) Because of the other medications I take, I cannot metabolize codeine into morphine. Codeine is an OTC medication here, easily available for migraine, etc. My GP in the States was very paranoid about prescribing codeine for migraines but here it's advertised in TV. Normally your body turns codeine into morphine; mine doesn't. When I get a toothache or tmigraine or the like, I can't take anything. The best solution is simply to lie down and do relaxation exercises (which usually result in me falling asleep). However, the paperwork involved in getting prescribed morphine is absurd. My GP must be authorized to prescribe it (a form he has to send off), and then each prescription has to have approval from the govt.(that part is done on the phone). We had such nightmare keeping 2 perscriptions in synch that I now go month to month rather than trying to get a script with refills. Every month, I have to see my GP and he takes 20 minutes filliing out forms and calling for approvals. When I saw him a few months ago, I said "you haven't done anything medical for me in ages, just fill out forms." You cannot get any refills on any prescription without seeing a GP. While I suppose there is merit in this in patient monitoring, I have been taking some medications for 10 years but I have to see my GP once every X months for him to write a new script with a new approval. And medications all come prepackaged in set dosages so a pharmacist's job is more paperwork and slapping a label on a prepacked box or bottle. That's one reason I have trouble with the morphine; I take 40 mg. The tablets only come in 30 mg and 10 mg packages. Hence 2 scripts.

On a lighter note I came home from work today and the front yard was full of silvereyes (the little twittery things). There must have been at least 50 all zooming around and twittering. I just stood there and let them zoom around me until somebody signalled it was time to move out and they all took off. Yesterday while I was pruning, one came close to pooping on me, which was not so nice!

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