Friday, April 28, 2006

Yesterday wore me out. Worked at the NLA for 5+ hours including two trips to the stacks with loaded book trolleys (note to US: book trucks are trolleys here) and lots of moving books, editing records online, labelling, barcoding etc. Then I spent 90 minutes in the dentist's chair doing prep work for a crown. I got home only in time to whip up something soft for dinner and the start the veal and barley stew for tonight. Watched the news, ate dinner. A friend at work got my family history bug active so instead of knitting I trawled looking for ancestors. I had already discovered on my lunch hour that the Old Stone Church in East Haven, CT, which was talked about by my father as being the old family church only acquired my grandparents as members after he was born. So much for ancient family ties. I think they moved from New Haven to East Haven but I don't know when. So also were my researches fruitless. The Cornwells moved from Dutchess County, NY, to CT sometime in the mid 19th century. Since I don't know when, it's difficult to know which census to look at. There are lots of Howard, Thomas, and John Cornwells, but which is mine? I must pay for's Worldwide service so I can trace the Hotchkiss's in Canada and the Pages in England. My 1st husband promised to do it but I have heard nothing; my younger half brother was interested but he didn't do it. So "Las Vegas", "Lost" and part of "Law and Order" passed without my full attention.

Literature notes on what I'm reading: My bedtime book is "A Black Sheep" by Ada Cambridge. It is a 19th century novel which was serialized in newpapers of the 1850s. The Bear has a whole run of these as he was on the Scholary Editions Committtee when he was at ADFA and got free copies of all the books they published. I view it as further educating myself about Australia. I am trying to read "Gould's Book of Fish" by Richard Flanagan but I've been so tired I have fallen asleep every time I sat down to read it. I tried but couldn't get into Patricia Cornwell's "Predator". There is something so perverse and twisted under all her stories these days that I just don't like reading them. Before that I raced through the latest C.J. Cherryh novel in the "Foreigner" series, "Pretender" which I found absolutely un-put-downable and both of us can't wait for the next installment. As a funny aside, after the first 3 were published I wrote her and asked her whether there would be more (Bear said no; I said yes) and she gave me a "wait and see" answer. Well, there have been lots more and I see no end in sight.

Lunch now. I do so love Della and I have a wireless mouse now which is even niftier. I can look up anything I want or work on my knitting magazine index or buy needlepoint kits from Ehrmann Tapestry. I have already done 2 of them but gave them away and they are the up at the top of needlepoint with Gloriafilia and the Royal School of Needlework. I have started back on my current needlepoint project which is an Anchor kit of 3 panels on tropical fish scenes. Vary colourful but it is counted and very small canvas. I have done half of the kit--one complete and one half done.

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