Monday, April 17, 2006

This blog has been set up to keep my friends and relatives (and anybody else who is interested enough to read this) about my current activities. Primarily these activities revolve around knitting, spinning and other fibre-related activities, the ups and downs of my AFL team The Sydney Swans, my interest in power pop music, and living with chronic illness, namely fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Once I get my technical facilities up and running I hope to publish something daily and this will help in my not having to write the same email to many people, or, what it most likely, not writing anything to anybody. I hope to include photos of WIPs (works in progress) as well as rants about the umpiring of the weekend's footy match. I tend to write a lot parenthetically so try and keep up as I ramble about what's up.

Round 3 2006: The Swannies won, but only just. They played as a team for spells that didn't last long enough but were a joy to see when they happened. Jude was outstanding, as was Goodsey. Poor Hally had guys hanging all over him but every time he tried to get free the umpires gave a free to whomever he tried to get rid of. Shades of the days when Plugger was always in the wrong.

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