Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yesterday brought in the post a package of buffalo (Bison bison) fibre that I got from Buffalo Gold that I got when I subscribed to Wild fibers magazine. Aside from its luxurious packaging (little drawstring bags of fine fabric) it looks very intriguing, and I hope to spin it soon. I must learn to spin short fine fibres and something other than wool. I carded the black Shetland lamb fleece I washed when I was in the states in October. Not much there but it seem really soft--much more so than the adult fleece I processed last year. Photos to follow.

And to add to Pam at FiberLife's comments about tools, I use as stitch markers the coloured rings that come with my electric toothbrush. They are small and brightly coloured and always more than 2 people would ever use. For the storage of odds & ends, I use the plastic boxes that Sucrets throat lozenges come in. For small item knitting (like socks) I bought a bunch of make-up cases at K-Mart on sale. They are mostly garish prints but that means it's hard to leave them somewhere.

Today brought the new laptop, whose name is Della (big guess at why) and now All I have to do is configure everything and find all my settings and bookmarks. :-)

It is autumn here but we had a really warm April after a brief chill and a dusting of snow on the peaks. The leaves seem to all have changed colour in a week and there are signs we had a light frost in the backyard. A new cold front is due this weekend; unlike Alberta clippers, our weather comes straight from Antarctica in the winter. I even miss snow which people may find hard to believe, but I do.

WIP: I am now on the heel of the first WW2 sock!! I never thought I'd see the end of that long leg!. I am knitting them first and them plan to dye them together as I could not find yarn in military colours altho the pattern leaflet indicated it was available during the war.

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