Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Welcome to fibromyalgia. Today is a bad day. Why? 1) I worked in the garden yesterday pulling up couch grass from where it wants to grow and I don't want it to, like in the middle of the asparagus patch. Hard on the hands. 2) I spent the evening spinning that wonderful hand-painted Polwarth and it was so delightful I spun for 3 hours which is hard on my hands. 3) I forgot to take my medications at dinner last night Why? if you have an answer, please tell me because I do it more often than I'd like and it really does me in. This morning I feel like I've ben dipped in pain. I am still in bed and do not plan on getting out until I have to go for Bowen therapy at 2 PM or I feel up to dealing with the real world. I do so love Della as she can even come to bed with me and allow me to share all of my life.

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Amie said...

I forget to take my meds all the time, and one of the symptoms is that I can't remember... which is so unfair, because I forget to take the meds, then I forget if I remembered... ah, the viscious cycle.

Anyway, welcome to the Spinning Wheel!