Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My major project at the moment is replica World War 2 Australian Army socks that I volunteered to knit in a moment of weakness. Little did I know that they would be knit out of lace-weight wool on size 0 dpns and be knee high with a 4" cuff at the top. I have knit over 16" of sock and I am now approaching the ankle. My hands object if I knit nothing but socks in an evening; I typically knit while I watch TV from approximately 7.30-10.30 PM. There's not much I won't knit except the most elaborate lace (lace and I don't get along too well but I'm working at it) or the currently popular freeform objects. I have felted, done simple intarsia, love Aran cables, and am working my way up to colour work (fair isle and/or Scandinavian patterns)

When I moved to Australia 15 years ago, for some reason I thought I wouldn't be doing most of the crafty type activities I had done all my life. I brought needlepoint and continued that but I thought I wouldn't quilt anymore, or garden, or make jam. I'm not sure why this idea was in my head; maybe I was so burned out from my previous job that I couldn't imagine wanting to do more than veg. I admit that the first couple of years were full of new experiences--learning a new language (do NOT think that English is the same here as anywhere else), new foods, new shopping experiences, new landscapes. Even reading junk mail was educational. But about 6 years ago a combination of influences, namely my dear MIL (mother-in-law) and my best friend-left-behind made me try knitting. It was addictive and I've been at it ever since. I wore one of the first jumpers I ever knit today and altho I can see things in it I would have done better, I am still happily wearing it 5 years after it was knit.

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