Friday, August 18, 2006

Snuffle. I am lying in bed with a box of kleenex and Della on my tummy. No points to those who guessed I have a cold. Still made it to see my GP at 7.30 but only because the Bear had to see him too. Unfortunately the GP was unwlling to change the dosage of one of my medications without my rheumatologist's blessing and I just discovered that said rheumatologist is in hospital and therefore unreachable. I do wish these doctors would notify all their patients before getting sick or leaving the country because it leaves us patients in limbo (I hope you know tongue is in cheek). I will have to muddle along not sleeping until I either see him or manage to beg GP to got out on a limb. Meanwhile other friend C is sick (as was my Bowen therapist) and I suspect one of them for giving me the cold. This is the only advantage to having friends who only contact you electronically. BFLB is trying to read between the lines of my blog, which even X2 says is written in my "public voice", rather than read the email I sent her saying what was going on in graphic detail. As I said befoe, you can't make people read email. After the dr visit I came home and went back to bed and slept (!) for 3 hours with The Imp on my tummy.

Had lunch with J where she looked at yarn from the stash to replace the scratchy stuff for her cardy. She chose some yummy wool/acrylic blend in blues and purples I bought for myself from Elann. (Do all the mentions of Elann in this blog give a hint to my yarn buying tendencies?) C discovered that "our" Patons now has a web site finally. Patons no longer has a mill in Australia because they decided just before knitting really took off that women don't knit anymore, according to the (male) manager. There is a mini-mill for sale in ebay Australia and we are all pining and then getting realistic. If I had the money I wouldn't be pining; .I'd buy it in a flash. Meanwhile I got some books on dyeing out of the Library to get ideas. The Dyer's Art is very inspirational especially when you think of the stunning results achieved in third world countries with little technological assistance (and no OH&S watchdogs either).

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