Monday, August 14, 2006

I publish this photo to prove I actually do knit. It is the front of S's Christmas sweater and since cables are my thing I am chugging along happily. It is in an Elann special superwash wool and is really what I would call British racing green. I also knitted a little bit on my summer weight socks and spun a little of the Brown Sheep mill ends. I sat down and finished my miniscule inkle braid in purple and pink crochet cotton which was done just to prove that the loom did actually work. There are 6 plastic net bags of fleece soaking in the washing machine which I hope didn't felt since this is the first time I've tried the machine method. This is the grey fleece bought in May and it turns out to be very dirty. The danger in buying a fleece in a bag is that you can't tell how dirty it is until you get down a layer or two into the bag. Here is some of my finely spun EL that I am so proud of. If it turns out to work in weaving I might be tempted to enter it in the Show (state fair to you in the US) considering it started with unwashed curly locks and ended up like this.
I am suffering the consequences of the craft show and then garden work. I slept very little Saturday and Sunday nights and was in a lot of pain during the day. Apparently that much standing was too much for my legs and the muscles are screaming. Neurontin had no effect. So I stayedl home today and slept and ironed and put wool in the washer. Some days are just write offs when you don't have control of your body.

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