Thursday, August 03, 2006

Am I making up for lost (blogging) time? Or more likely posting things I forgot the last time

For all spinners there is a great site I Can Spin which has videos of practically everything you ever wanted to know. The fibre prep I described earlier is there as are a lot of other helpful things. They were very helpful whan I was learning and they keep adding stuff. For all of yu who are learning on your own, this is a gold mine.

Round 17: Swannies beat Port in Adelaide in the pouring rain. Didn't watch again because Dr. Who is on at the same time as Saturday night games.(Just between us, I just don't get the whole Dr Who business. Maybe if you've been watcing it for years it it wonderful but I find it incredibly lame. Even now that the new Dr Who is David Tennant whom I absolutely love.) We are in 6th place on the ladder and I don't see any movement this week as top 8 teams are playing each other. If we don't finish in the top 4 we don't get a home final, but we managed to win the premiereship last year after an uneven season There is a new ad coming soon with website of Professor Barry Hall teaching you footy. It is very funny and be sure to put your mouse over the bear's head.

Why am I pining over some lovely Shetland fleeces? I adore Shetlands and there aren't any here so I drool over places like this. But with home repairs higher on the list of money outlays, I'd better wash the fleece I've got. I just got my copy of Spinning for softness and Speed by Paula Simmons (OOP; I havd to buy used via Amazon). I admire Paula's work but I didn't realize that the book is all about long-draw woolen spinning. Someday I will try it but I am now very happy with my inch-worm worsted spinning. I plied the CVM last night so I could spin more of something. Had half a bobbin of the Borwn Sheep mill end to did some more on that. It spins up surprisingly soft which makes it a real bargain. I may overdye this as I have lots of grey wool.

I also discovered that the real estate agent was partially fibbing regarding land in Victoria. There is a cutoff at 8 hectares but all it means is what you can do on land without a permit. Of course you have to get council approval for everything but there are several other blocks of land available (some he's even listed as agent for) so I think he was just pushing rural residential developments he was selling and we have to look harder. We also have to decide how far away we want to live. I decline the land with a beautiful view over the army's training ground as I don't want to exchange barking dogs for artillery.

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