Thursday, August 24, 2006

I got out of bed yesterday and did exciting things like go to the chemist and have Bowen therapy. I got about 4 hours sleep the previous night. had a sore throat and was still coughing. As the day wore on I got more and more tired until by 9PM I decided to call it a day. I took a healthy dose of sleeping pills (don't worry, it was only my formerly usual dose which I had weaned myself off and now need back) and slept the night and finally woke up for sure at 1PM, still with a sore throat and the occasional cough. I think I'm glad I stayed home from work another day. When I got up yesterday I had planned to work today but as the day progressed that seemed like an imposssible challenge. Whatever this bug is, it's a persistent one, but my lungs are clearer so that's a good sign.

Peeked into the backyard and my peas are up! and we had TWO stalks of asparagus! I wish it would rain. Forecast says it might. My tomato seedlings are doing well. I planted Diggers 7 coloured heritage tomato selection, some beefsteak type red ones and some orange ones (my favourite).. I promise to do better with recycled water this year. I find it ironic that all the govt agencies are gung-ho on using recycled and grey water now when a few years ago it was illegal to use grey water on your garden. I must get the Bear to rig a plastic pipe from the washer out to the back.

While lying in bed I have been picking over the grey washed fleece. Yikes is it dirty. Not just VM but little hard black things scattererd here and there. The fleece itself is incredibly solf and fine. Some of the finest I';ve felt. But in many cases the tips of the locks have solidified like concrete. According the the gurus on the Spinlist, this can happen with fine fibre. So I am monkey picking this, removing VM and cuttung off tips where necessary. It is also shorter than I am used to, at the 2-3" length and softly variegated grey. It will make something very soft like a scarf.

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