Sunday, August 20, 2006

My cold is in full bloom: running nose, chesty cough. This is where I take care not to leap out of bed too soon. I could manage to get pneumonia, which I did once (and the Bear was in NZ without a contact number when I went into hospital. Dear J stayed with me in the ER until I was admitted). Alternatively, I can cough so much I can re-activate the arthritis I have in my sternum. Strange place to have rheumatoid arthritis, but I have it there. When it flares, breathing becomes painful.

I spent t some on my lying in bed time yersterday going over the fleece I had washed, This sheep had fine but shortish (3") fleece that varies between almost white to medium grey. There is lots of VM and the tips have solidified into concrete even after washing (only the tips as the rest is lovely and soft.)

Book report: One of the books I checked out of the the library was Bright earth by Philip Ball. It is book about color written by a chemist. I gather from what I have read so far he is concentrated\ing on colour in art, to discuss what pigments artists actually had access to and used through the history of painting. Since art history is one of those things hanging around from college days, it should be interesting.

Round 20: we lost to Geelong. I was worried about this match as Geelong have shown their (occasional) abilities this season and when they are playing at home it is dangerous. I didn't watch because our beloved local station doesn't think Canberra is in Sydney's demographuc and shows us other matches. Had I not been in bed I could have watched it on Foxtel. It may mean we drop out of the top 4 which has implications in the finals like getting a home final matchnbut let's not get ahead of ourselves

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