Sunday, August 13, 2006

Round 19 (and 18 since I forgot to post): two wins in a row, an unsurprising one over Essendon and a solid one yesterday against Melbourne which put the Swans in 3rd position on the ladder. This with Goldspink umpiring and even reporting Neitz for messing with Goodes. Will wonders never cease! I read in the paper yesterday that the defensive unit had studied videos of what and how umpires were calling various plays and altered their behaviour to be more effective. It's at this point in the season where I can easily become over-excited, consumed with footy and it is not good for my health (literally). Last year when it seemed unbelievable that we would actually go all the way after 72 years, it was kind of a dream, even though I knew they were playing really well. This year I know it could happen again and I must stay calm.

Yesterday I culled out the last of the dead berry bushes so the Bear could put up a new support for the trellis that they are attached to. The canes cane get so vigorous that they actually pull the steel lattice off the fence. It wasn't work that required a lot of strength or aerobic activity but a lot of stretching, bending, and pulling and my body paid a price for it. I slept very little last night because of the pain. I tried all my remedies except the alcohol taken internally (because I didn't want a hangover) but nothing really worked and I am still very sore. We also did some additional major pruning on the pear and the plumcot so the fruit will be within picking distance. Today I planted tomato seed.

I am making progress on the front of S's Christmas jumper but I worry that I have enough wool. I do according to the pattern instructions but it's disappearing rather quickly. Time to look for coordinating machine-wash wool?

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