Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I have no excuses. I supposedly went back to work yesterday and then crashed in a heap today. I had been back to a "normal" level of activity for being up and about, walking, going to the grocery store and running various other errands. My knee is preforming beautifully which only highlights how bad the other one is. I don't have enough strength between the two of them to stand up easily without something to hold on to. They both get stiff when I sit for any length of time and the muscle pain from good old fibromyalgia is still at its only sometimes excruciating best. So I have a strong knee joint but everything else is the same. The bandage fell off shortly after my last post and, despite my squeamish anticipation, the wound was completely healed and I have a pink line down the centre of my leg. Part of the knee area is numb because of cut nerves, and it still gets warm with use, but I have had no pain with most activity. The quad needs to be exercised to build its strength and that's the only thing that gives me pain. The miracles of modern medicine, eh?

Tomorrow is the conciliation conference call with the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal. Since I don't believe the other party has any intention of conciliation, and that the arguments have no basis in law, nothing will be resolved. Therefore, it will proceed to "review" by the Board and that takes 6 to 8 months. I wonder if I should go to Centrelink and apply for the dole now, or whether it would take 6 months for them to process me. I guess I continue to live on credit and the remains of the first super settlement to keep my financial head above water.

My BBBB is now Mother Tongues by Helena Drysdale. It is more travel writing than much hard research about vanishing native languages in Europe but is a pleasant read none the less. Food Politics was too boring and I just wasn't getting into it. While recovering I went through a series of murder mysteries including two by Monica Ferris. Her needlework mysteries are the only ones of the genre I find interesting, and the needlework is almost beside the point.

I am knitting up the turtleneck on CAW because I finished the instructions for the first sleeve and it looks terribly short. They advised measuring the drop from the shoulder seam after completing the neck, so that's what I am doing now. I also started knitting a shell out of Crystal Palace Choo Choo railroad ribbon in pink. It knits up to look tweedy, black and white and pink. It's a free Berroco pattern and I pray I have enough ribbon. The hat I started languishes, as do the socks for my boss. The shell had been Irving in a bag next to my recliner for about a year so I decided it deserved a shot. If I have enough ribbon it shouldn't take long.

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