Sunday, May 17, 2009

Somehow I managed to forget to take my evening meds TWICE this week, resulting in me missing two mornings, one work and one today (Sunday). I really don't like this. I feel like the time has been ripped from my hands and time is something I cherish. Time when I feel strong enough to get out and about, to actually do some things I had planned, to go to the Old Bus Depot markets which had their wool day today. Not that I need more wool, but they also sometimes have other bits & pieces that I like to collect like antique needlework tools or old pattern books. I also wanted to pick up some carpet pieces to repair the Imp's scratching post which is in sorry shape. She uses it, but then she uses other things as well, from the carpet in the lounge room to the tapestry chair.

Instead, when the headache had retreated to annoying rather than skull-splitting, I got up and made some progress on moving all files of use from the Big Computer to my new MacBook. (It needs a name, doesn't it? I'll have to ponder for a good apple name. Winesap? Here in Oz, Macintosh is an heirloom variety which seems odd to me.) I deleted a lot of files from the old computer, printed out a lot of knitting patterns that had been languishing, copied files to the MacBook, downloaded some freeware book-keeping software to replace Quicken, but I haven't trying the export and import of Quicken files to a new platform. As far as I am concerned, once that's done, I am no longer tied to the Big Computer for anything and it can go to computer heaven or hell. I only had to reboot it twice and once I had to unplug it in order to restart it. Think it's past its use-by date? No doubt the Bear could have patched and supported it but I am just not up to it.

I've plied the Wendy Dennis Polwarth and I managed to get some very long colour changes that actually matched up in plying so there will be stripes! I am more than halfway down the foot on the first of a pair of Opal socks for my boss. I had no idea from the ball of wool what would come out as a pattern, but I get several inches of a caramel-ish brown, then a blue stripe, a red stripe and a yellow stripe and then back to brown. Nothing that the ball announced. No doubt if I'd looked up the colour number I'd have known, but I just let her pick from about 6 different yarns.

Swans news (yes I now I haven't posted anything in ages) They won last night! Beat the Weagles by 5 Points! And I didn't watch! As a matter of fact I was already feeling unwell enough to go to bed at 9PM. If Essendon loses today, we'll be in the 8! I don't believe that this will be a tremendous season, just one to trial a lot of young players and give them more match experience. We can't rely on Goodesy forever. The membership department had to rely on Expresspost to get Canberra members their membership package and gave us our caps for free along with a min-scarf with suction cups, which is now in the back window of my car. If I clean the thing off well enough I will put the new season Swans bumper sticker on, as well as the Carolina one I picked up in Chapel Hill.

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