Friday, May 08, 2009

I am beginning to get back into the daily routine of my life, whether it's going to the mall for Medicare refunds, or going out to lunch with a good friend. I did both today, I will have to see if I am exhausted tomorrow or not. A lot of walking done which is good exercise but can inflame the angry leg muscles.

For any of you (besides my step-daughter) who read my blog and are interested in the saga of the superannuation, conciliation did happen (perhaps because I said it wouldn't, which by the way, was the assessment of my contact at the Tribunal, not a personal opinion). We met sort of halfway so I get enough to secure my future while hopefully meeting some of the needs of the children. I am glad it's over since it has been hanging over my head for nearly two years. I can now get some income from depositing it somewhere, and also make the repairs to the house that need doing. I've already started by fixing door latches and getting quotes to replace the front entry porch, which is falling apart and has no real steps, just piles of bricks. I need new carpet in the dining room which would mean emptying the china closet, which is not a small task. Then there's new fabric on the outside awnings.... I could go on.

I saw the surgeon today and, while he mimed mock horror at my not using crutches and driving early, he also was pleased with my progress. I can't wait for the other knee to be eligible but it will probably be this time next year. I no longer trust the intact knee to support me and revel in being able to do things with the new knee that were impossible just 6 weeks ago.

I found stuffed in my letterbox a box from Amazon with the latest in C.J. Cherryh's Forigner series, Conspirator. The Bear and I would practically arm wrestle over who got to read the latest. I am sorry he's not here to share it but this is one series I will hold on to. I love novels of culture contact, and speculative fiction regarding humanoids much larger than us, coal black with amber eyes, with elaborate courtly manners and singular bloodthirstiness, is just too juicy.

My final admission is I am writing on a new platform. I purchased (on credit) a MacBook last weekend. This was partially because Windows mangled the loading of iTunes, completely cutting me off from the application and the library. Della also had the type worn off some of her keys and the finish worn off the surface. She had also started to develop flakey system problems, the same type that have crippled the big computer. Without the Bear here to fix things, I had to move to a simpler system where I didn't have to know how to rub cleanup programs or download updates every week. I am even getting used to the whizz-bang new track pad, which I thought I'd never do. It is incredibly fast and the screen is crystal clear.

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