Monday, April 27, 2009

It's been a while since I posted but recovery from surgery is rarely interesting enough to write about. I've been doing my exercises and walking around the house at least. I had one brief outing to the mall for a cup of coffee. I've had a lot of visitors and many phone calls checking up on me. I had a cold. I had a sore back for ages but today at least it seems to have left. I am tired all the time. I sleep a lot. I can stand and walk on my new knee without pain and don't use crutches around the house.

My biggest adventure was yesterday when I got into my car and drove, first to the chemist and then to the supermarket. Managed both shopping excursions on my own without pain and get home in one piece. We have been having very wild weather: high winds, rain (sometimes heavy, sometimes passing clouds) and more seriously cold than previously. It has prevented me from venturing out to walk much. It has been 4 weeks from surgery and I am very pleased with my knee. I was alarmist in my fear prior to the operation and I hope the other one goes as well whenever I have that one done.

And my favourite dancer won So You Think You Can Dance last night so.all's right with the world.

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