Thursday, April 09, 2009

Well, I have a new knee and what looks like a zipper up the front of my leg. I am too tired to go through excruciating detail of the experience, but 10 days in hospital has certainly cured my loneliness. I missed the Imp incredibly and she was overjoyed to see me home. We had a big cuddle where she purred louder than I've ever heard her.

I spent 5 days in surgery recovery, and 5 days in rehab. The pain I found totally bearable except one physiotherapy session when the therapist expected a fibromyalgia leg to do things it won't. I ended up in tears and had to recuperate a day. I fell twice, but then I fall a lot. It scared the nurses and bruised my dignity but did no damage to the physical self. I know there's a lot more work in the future because already it stiffens up if I don't keep moving it. Hard to do when you're asleep or even just blogging. I've already used up all patience with hospital bureaucracy. An example: I brought all my own medicines with me to hospital because I'd been warned about pharmacy bills for medications prescribed inside. The first night, a nurse didn't/couldn't find the box of one of my medications so ordered more from the pharmacy and once that box was open, it was used instead of mine. This happened twice.

I'll write more when I'm up to it. Coming home was very stressful because of a lot of hurry up and wait, having my staples removed while I didn't watch, and then having to manage in the outside world after living inside a ward for 5 days.

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