Monday, April 13, 2009

Not only am I home, but I'm feeling pretty human. I have not used my crutches indoors since I felt no need (no pun intended). I can walk with a normal gate--no stiff leggedness, no limp, bending the knee as I walk. I have continued my exercises and about the only things I have trouble with are the straight leg raises. Some of this is unco-operative fibro muscles and I can only do so much about them. I spoke with my boss (who had a hip replacement in November) and asked her about what physiotherapy she had and she responded (unsurprisingly) that she had done no supervised physio and she is cruising now after lots of walking. I'm inclined to follow her example since I do not want to get into more arguments with well-meaning physios who seem to think that my falling back on fibro is somehow shirking my duty. I passed all their standards for home release without significant effort and I can stand and walk now without pain. In fact it gives me extra incentive to get the other knee done,since it still hurts. The one exercise I could not do was squats and that was the sole fault of the old right knee not the new left knee. I'd show you a photo but there's just a long bandage down my left leg with a waterproof dressing. I washing my hair and showered today and I'm feeling the need to cook. Everyone had showered me with dark chocolate, tis the season in in Oz to give chocolate to everyone: that's all Easter seems to mean.Maybe some oatmeal cookies would be a counter attack. Stock the freezer for return to work. I have 2 more weeks to wander the house and do things like ironing. I also have to find a tradesman to fix my front verandah which is verging on dangerous and I have withheld savings long enough. All I need now is to crash through a broken plank.

Miscrosoft has managed to strike at my heart by refusing to download an update to iTunes.and without iTunes I feel positively cut off. I may have to shift platforms earlier than I want to to but I've gone through all the recommended fixes and nothing worked.

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