Monday, June 25, 2007

Today we discovered that all of the Bear's medical records and test results have been lost somewhere in the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. And I paid for some of them! The drs here want to do a biopsy of his spinal mass but have none of the CT or MRI scans that were done here or there. We wait 48 hours and then must proceed without them. I also received a bill from the specialist who cared for the Bear while in the first hospital here. $900 for 5 days of coming in to say not very much adds up. In theory this will be paid for but only after I pay it; I will then be reimbursed for the expenses.

I rested yesterday, sleeping most of the day, and getting up to watch Grey's Anatomy and this was one of the first episodes in a long time that I was not in tears at the end. (To our northern hemisphere friends it was the episode where Meredith decides not to die and her mother does die). I try very hard not to read the websites because I don't want spoilers but sometimes I want to know what the music was and it's hard to avoid spoilers. This show may turn out to be one I buy on DVD.

The Bear was good today and actually brought up how we should manage things when he comes home which I consider an excellent sign. I brought him his laptop and he didn't race to plug it in. Because of the bizarre way the former owners of our house installed the kitchen cabinets there is an exceedingly small space at the end of the kitchen to the hallway to the bedrooms. Aside from demolishing the kitchen (a thought that had crossed my mind since it is difficult to get anything into the bedrooms), I plan on moving him into my bedroom and we can share a bed for the first time in 15 years. He was a world-class snorer until he finally went to a sleep clinic and got a CPAP machine which has made him almost silent. The machine can also double as my white noise machine. We now still sleep in different beds just because I have trouble sleeping in general (and he can fall asleep sitting in a chair) but we don't shut doors, hence the migrations of cats in the night. Whether I can share a bed with him AND the Imp remains to be seen. While she is small she can make herself spread out a lot. There is also the summer issue as both the Bear and the Imp generate a lot of heat and I cannot sleep if I get hot. Now that he has been diagnosed with reflux he needs his head elevated when sleeping just as I do. I really missed my soft and adjustable bed when in Sydney and I forget how unyielding a hard flat mattress is.

I got 3 fibery packages today: a box of cones of 8/2 cotton from Webs, some spinning fiber (merino and silk in grey and black superwash lamb, and my mystery fiber-swapper's gift of white alpaca, some Fleece Artist I want to treat carefully and Quarantine confiscated the herbal tea because it had dried apple in it but mysteriously the chocolate didn't make it through either and that isn't prohibited as far as I know. Hmm. I think somebody is eating my chocolate.


Em said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry they confiscated some of your treats. I do hope you enjoy the alpaca, though! Cheers from your fiber-swapper, Em

Wendy said...

Oh no, I'd write letters about the chocolate.

I hope the sleeping situation works out for you too, it's very odd after years of doing things one way to switch over suddenly.

Swanknitter said...

I later found the chocolate so all was not lost! The kid mohair is lovely.