Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I know this must be getting boring but it has happened again. The Bear is sick. I don't think he ever completely recovered from his last hospital stay and he has additional symptoms now including some alarming ones. So do not expect regular posts for a while. I do have time I could squeeze out to blog, but the situation puts a lot of stress on me and I do better to keep from going completely mental by keeping busy, even if that means cleaning the microwave. He will see our GP on Friday and I'll feel better when we do that.

The only fibery news is that I pounced in the moment of weakness and got approval to take the next term's weaving course so there will be a whole 2 Weds off between the end of this course and the start of the next one. I nearly drove myself round the bend threading a pointed twill warp last week and gave up with about 2 ends to go because my brain was refusing the make any sense of what I was doing. The other beginning weavers are doing stripes and I have to go in for twill samples. Why was I so dim to realize that this is hard? I'm not supposed to drive at night but I am because I think my car could drive that route without anyone behind the wheel since it's 3/4 of the way to work. Next term is block weaves: summer and winter, M's and O's, etc. These 2 will give me a good foundation to take off on my own.

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