Friday, June 08, 2007

Just a quick update for anyone who cares. I spent all afternoon at the hospital with the Bear waiting for results of any scans done. The doctor finally appeared at 5 PM and the news is not good. The Bear has severe liver problems that are still at this point unknown in origin. He will be spending the next few days having lots of tests done, but because it's a long weekend, no lab results will come back until Tues. He is not in as much pain but I noticed jaundice for the first time.

I got lots of knitting done, finishing one of his socks and casting on the second. This time I am reinforcing the toes not just with nylon thread (as well as nylon in the sock yarn) but also the reinforcing thread that came with the Jawoll sock yarn. I will attack his feet again tomorrow. Up early to go grocery shopping. The Imp just jumped into my lap, turning the caps lock on as she went over the keyboard.

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