Friday, June 15, 2007

OK, readers. I have a dilemma. My husband has just been diagnosed with bad cancer. I have 3 options (in my mind, at least). I can go offline and the blog will become comatose. I can continue to post leaving my private life out of it, although I have gone into my medical problems in the past. I can tell you what is going on when I can but never in excruciating detail and I would never violate his privacy with anything really personal. I don't know who reads my blog except a few friends who email me. I know there are repeat visitors so somebody out in the blogosphere comes here for some reason. If you don't want to know what is going on in my life, I don't know how much I can post censoring out all the stuff that really is the centre of my life. Of course I keep knitting and spinning because they are coping mechanisms as well as hobbies, but let's face it, things in my life have just had a severe seismic shift and I can't hide that. Leave a comment or those that want to email


Sue said...

Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry for your bad news. As you said, that really is a seismic shift in your life.

As to what to do about your blog, I'd say do whatever feels comfortable to you. In my mind anyway, a blog is a personal outlet first and foremost. You can write about whatever you want to. I first found you through the fiber connection, but I've enjoyed reading about life in another part of the world, someplace I've never been.

I'd be sorry to see you stop posting altogether, but if you need to take time away from the blog, it is certainly understandable!

Sending peace and healing thoughts your way.....

Donna said...

My husband was also diagnosed with cancer in 2003. My heart goes out to you, and I'll be thinking of you both.
In regards to the blog, it's your blog, post what you like. I'd like to hear updates on how you both are doing, and you may also find it cathartic to have somewhere to express your thoughts.

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Abby Franquemont said...

I am really, really sorry to hear it! I second wht the others have said, and very much wish that I felt like I had anything intelligent or supportive to say. I know that when my father was diagnosed with cancer in 2002, my entire world changed, and I really went back and forth about feeling like I wanted to discuss it or not. I was very much afraid that people didn't want to hear me just go on and on about it. In retrospect, I realized that those close to me would have rather heard it, than felt that I was clamming up. Looking back on it from years later, I see that I probably would have done better if I'd talked more than I did.

At the same time, of course, sometimes when I said something, responses were... supremely unhelpful, even awful. So perhaps there's no telling. But FWIW, please don't worry about talking about those things in your blog, and you never know, you might make contact with the occasional person that has something helpful to say.