Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This is what carded batts of the filthy fleece look like. After
picking open the tips of the locks which were encased in mud, washing several times, combing with a dog comb and drum carded (sometimes twice). I still get noils because the fibre is so very fine. I shudder to think how much of my time has been spent on $8 of raw fleece I have a plyed bobbin full what I will wind off in a day or two.

I got the latest issue of Knitters earlier this week and something in it jumpstarted my knitting flame. Not that there was a partular item that screamed "KNIT ME" although there were several I liked that were lace (damn it). But I suddenly felt like knitting. I got some very old stash yarn called Alpaca Fiesta from Diamond Yarn It is a 2-ply, loosely plied of 2 singles, one bright turquoise and one thick & thin dark green. My gauge swatch was sorta difficult to knit even in garter stitch. But the garter stitch showed plenty of texture so I think I'll just plug numbers into Knitware and spit out a basic vest. I will have to be careful not to split the plies.

Hope had asked what I was going to do with my spindle-spun silk and I hadn's really thought of what. I have one scarf out of hand-dyed tussah and it was a bitch to knit. The silk I'm spinning is bright coral and will need something to tone it down. So I thought of using it as weft with commercially spun silk as weft. I have some undyed from Glenora Weaving so I think I will aim for.

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