Saturday, April 14, 2007

Round 2: They beat Richmond by 16 points but I have to hang my head and say I didn't watch. By the time I remembered they were playing we had to leave for Cirque du Soleil so I wouldn't have seen the end anyway (big cop-out). The Bear reported that Spida kicked 2 goals, had 15 possessions and did well as ruck. Good to see Darren Jolly still there and contributing as I was afraid that Spida would push him out just as he was maturing. Having 2 available ruckmen who can also play forward is a Good Thing. Mick seems very pumped up this year and even hoped to reach 250 matches which is amazing. And to think I watched him debut as an 18 year old. (a rookie is called a debutant in Aussie sports. Picture a 6 ft black footballer in a fluffy white dress).

Instead of ironing, I hung out online, carded 3 more batts of filthy fleece, cast on the Bear's new jumper and uploaded new CDs from Not Lame. They seduced me with Hook Heaven 2, so as long as I was buying one, I also got Class Three Overbite's Rendezvous, and Love by design's Let the Outside in. I must go iron if I want to listen to them. But my hand hurts, she whined. Too much mousing, she grumbled.

Having plucked 2 enormous butternut pumpkins out of the autumnal garden, I have pumpkin roasting for my roasted pumpkin and ginger soup. Winter is definitely soup weather so despite the weather pixie telling you it's warm and sunny (which it is) I feel like soup.

I just found out that it is not me being incredibly slovenly in leaving gobs of hair on the floor when I blow dry, because I cleaned the existing hair up yesterday and it mysteriously re-appeared, so I think The Imp has been pulling it out of the waste basket. Where does she get these ideas?

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