Wednesday, April 11, 2007

As I expected, Cirque du Soliel was wonderful. I have seen everything broadcast, have even said I'd go to Las Vegas with the Bear (major geek conference) if I could just see them. Well, they actually came to Canberra, that forgotten capital city, and put up their tent right in front of the Library. Every act was amazing, even the clowns, and I generally don't like circus clowns. We were about 5 rows back but on the side. The only act we missed, therefore, was the Triple Trapeze which is designed to be appreciated by the centre of the house. And of course what I love are the costumes, all fringes and iridescent fabric and strange protuberances. I was afraid my jaw would remain permanently in my lap. I was so right that seeing them live would be something beyond the TV experience. This show was Verekai which has now moved on to Melbourne. I was especially taken with the spectacle of the tent gone black to be filled by tiny moving lights, no doubt provided by placing lights on performers in black. To those who have never seen lightning bugs, it must have been doubly special. I tend to think my dislike of traditional circuses originated when my mother and I were witnesses to a show in New York when I was young where a tiger turned on its handler and while I haven't retained any overt fear from the event, I just don't care for circuses. Of course, my father dragged us to Venice, Fla, to see Ringling Bros. every year and I couldn't make him care that I really don't like watching elephants, clowns and dancing ponies.

The Imp was tres naughty and slipped out the front door and took off at night thus activating a search and rescue operation. She didn't go far, as I expect she was surprised to find it dark outside. I very carefully prevented myself from panic and once she came out from under the cars she was easily scooped up. One cannot tell a Burmese the she has no road sense, or for that matter any sense of real danger. All instructions are not to let Burmese out on their own but ir's hard to tell her that.

I did more garden cleanup on the weekend and didn't tax my hands overly. We harvested one watermelon, about soccerball sized. I don't know whether it will be yellow or pink inside.

I finally got the Bear measured since he's off the size charts despite losing a bit of weight. I plugged the numbers into my sweater software and spit out a plain jumper (nothing "fussy" for him) but it will be knit out of hand-spun from Bendigo's readi-spin in the colour "red tweed" which is a darkish red with royal blue flecks. I am spinning more BFL, cleaning the filthy fleece, and have temporarily ceased knitting everything else but the Opal socks.

My DVD trial sent me 21 Grams first which was an interesting film and I do like Sean Penn. Tonight it's Ocean's 12. The TV networks are flooding us with re-runs so help is needed. The Bear subjected me to The Legend of Zorro which reveals to his mental age for watching movies.

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