Friday, April 13, 2007

I have a lot on my mind that I want to post about but my legs are killing me and for some reason both hips have been sore for days. It may all go back to another mall trek, this time, besides going to Medicare and Medibank getting refunded $, and Coles for things the Bear couldn't find in Woolies and looking in vain for fish and debating buying frozen baby octopus... You get the idea. I also bought a couple of blouses to tide me over until I get fully slim. I know I've danced about this subject but I'll come out and admit it. I have been seriously dieting (as in I joined A Plan) since last August and I have lost 35 kg. Now I need that uninvented invention, shrink-wrap skin where I stand in a hot shower and the loose skin tightens right up. Instead I have droopy thighs and torso but you can now see my collar bones, I have only one chin, I have gone down 4 sizes and am on the cusp of the last. Of course the first things to lose size is my fingers so all my rings are loose. Should I get to the point that they are falling off I shall have to think about resizing them again, because my weight does tend to yo-yo but over very long periods of time (years, like). My search for slacks is continuing as every "fashion" store I went in had the very same hipster, wide band top, extra long (even on me), flattering only on an 18 year old skinny child. K-Mart was pushing shorts. In the middle of April when I'm into freezing feet weather. See Crazy Aunt Purl for her rant. And why do they think larger sizes (like an 18, wow) all want cropped pants? Nobody looks good in them. I bought a fitted (!) ruby red blouse and a black long sleeved number with white pin stripes. In my ideal world I'd wear Lands end all the time. I'd live in 7-day twills and turtlenecks with handknit vests in the winter. I am a tiny bit leery of ordering jeans mail order. I wear nothing but Lands end shoes because they are the only shoes I find always comfortable. I have 6 pairs of their All-weather mocs. There is a Fletcher Jones outlet in our new outlet mall so I may hit them for some seriously nice slacks, but then I work with dirty books So I walked from one end of the mall to the other and by the end my hips hurt so much I was wondering if I would make it back to the car. I did (thanks to my handicapped pass) but my hips still hurt 3 days later. I will iron this afternoon but that's it.

Searched out some new fibery podcasts to try. It was so nice to hear Brenda's voice again that I saved her podcast till the last as a treat. I am very jealous of having all that time to knit Aran jumpers, but not of her illness. I wish I could get some of the super blogs I find as podcasts. One I have found is Curious weaver which sparked my interest being Aussie and, aside from being an awesome weaver, dabbles in using weaving software and even Photoshop to spark her creativity (an idea close to my heart). She lead me to The Online Guild of weavers spinners & dyers and I looked at their longwool challenge. My English Leicester looks very much like theirs although I didn't comb mine. I have Wensleydale and Marsham in the stash. I am plying the spun filthy fleece, still picking out VM. I am hoping with a plyed yarn when washed will bloom into something soft that I might over-dye and knit a scarf out of. It hurts to sit for very long. It hurts to lie in bed too long. It definitely hurts to stand. Maybe I need to to take my Neurontin.

I haven't sorted out the fleece buying yet. as Matt has gone silent again and I am waiting to hear from my other fleece sources. I bought some Gotland from Copper Moose as well as a couple of small items as the dollar is high. I have so many books I have none that are on my wish list that I crave. I'd like to pay for these fleeces while the dollar is high. The dollar is high and I am lacking time not stuff. Knit from the stash. Spin from the stash.

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Kaz [curiousweaver] said...

Wow, thanks for the link to my blog, I'm glad you like it. And thanks to the link to Lands End, what great appeal those clothes have. It is so difficult finding clothes that fit well and look good.