Sunday, April 29, 2007

Round 5: Finally a convincing win, even if it was against bottom dwellers Melbourne. Percentage will make a difference later in the year (teams that have equal win/loss records are ranked by the difference between points they scored and the points scored against them). Sour note: Tadhg may have dislocated his knee cap. I hope it's "only" that because that is recoverable in some cases whereas if he's done the knee in completely, that could even mean loss for a season. I admit I switched in and out because we watched Borat first and then I watched 2 episodes of Dead like Me which of course I only discovered long after it was cancelled. One thing I thank the DVD magnates for is access to so much on DVD that doesn't cost large amounts. We have complete sets of Stargate: SG 1 and Atlantis and Farscape, plus Hamish MacBeth and Dead Like me and some of Gilmore Girls and Six Feet Under. I wish we could afford Star Trek, mostly Voyager and Deep Space Nine, but they are too expensive. I had mixed reactions to Borat; some of it was hysterical and some cringe-making and some just stupid (naked wrestling in the convention dinner). I have joined a mail order DVD supplier, mostly because there are things I want to watch like The Hours that I know he doesn't and I want a broader selection of films than are at our local video rental. Foreign films, older ones that have been weeded out of their collection. I am a serious film fanatic but rarely go out to the local cinemas, because their schedules don't fit mine, their seats are extremely uncomfortable for someone like me, and they make decisions like Happy Feet was a children's movie and only shown at matinees.

I have almost finished the blue Opal socks and the Bear has chosen his next sock yarns: Regia stretch in a blue & brown which I have no idea of pattern that will form if any. I think the stretch is a good option for him. I may be gifted with a rather large amount of alpaca fleece from a friend of my Bowen therapist who says she can't sell it. To test what's involved with raw alpaca, I am washing some from the stash, some black and some light fawn. I knew they were dirty because alpacas like to roll but I was a bit taken aback when the first wash water was itself black. They are soaking for a second go as I type. At least you don't have lanolin to get out.

Here is a close-up of the first skein from the filthy fleece. It is a very non-descript grey and this skein is from batts carded before I learned to comb first so there are more bumps and lumps than I'd like. But I cannot convey how soft it is. It has quite a bit of bounce (moderate crimp) and is soft enough to make you want to cuddle it. I may over dye it and knit a scarf. I've changed my mind about my weaving project as I don't want my dress red & white scarf to be in any way screwed up because it was my first woven object. There are some really nice dish towels in one of my magazine that use Log Cabin colour and weave in a very interesting play of colours. We always need placemats and napkins because we actually use them. Putting a clean tablecloth on is a major operation due to the Bear's clutter, so changing place-mats is much easier.

There may be unexpected interruptions in blogging over the next week or two while I get new carpet installed in my bedroom. Yes, it's taken us since New Years to get around to it, but we did have the interlude where we bought 29 acres of land. Now things have settled down, and the guy is coming to measure on Tues. I don't know how much wait there is after that. It has meant I've had to move all the books out of the bookcase, clothes out of my dresser, etc. so the furniture can be moved. And then of course, move everything back in. We are going with a neutral wool Berber not too different to what was down here when it was new (a long time ago).

It Rained! 27 nmm on Saturday and 17 mm today! and that's not here (where it also rained) but onto the 29 acres!. It looks like more rain is coming. I also noticed that there there was only one day (until this rainy weekend) when the temperature didn't get over 20C when we in Canberra have had numerous days of highs of 17 or 18. So it really is warmer there. I can grow citrus and figs, which some people seem to be able to grow here, but I have killed too many lemon trees to try again.

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Sue said...

Nice yarn! I love spinning alpaca. Regarding the Romney- it is a coarse wool, though not as coarse as something like Wensleydale. And it does vary from sheep to sheep. Romney lamb is very nice, though still not next-to-the-skin soft. I think people like it because it's very easy to process and spin. Low lanolin content, good staple length, easy to card and draft. It makes great sweater yarn.