Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Our weekend away was very productive in the sense that we found a block of land that is a) suitable in size and conformation, b) convenient to our rural town of choice, and c) we can afford. This photo will do nothing to reveal its location but shows the grove of mature gums where there is a perfect house site. It is not far off sealed road, 15 minutes to shops, etc., has a robust tenancy by kangaroos and lots of birds and no water, but then nobody has water these days. I see lots of rainwater tanks and electrified fencing in my future to keep garden, roos and potential cashmere goats from interacting in any undesirable way. It was so quiet and peaceful there. Now we have to do all the paperwork involved in buying land.

Last night Canberra had a storm which we noted as "we're having another thunderstorm, it seems." When I ventured out this morning I found drifts of hail still lying around, half a hillside had attempted to move down the slope, and there was extensive damage in the city and to the university so there is no weaving class tonight. Rats. We were going to actually start weaving tonight having completed warping the looms last week despite being interrupted by another thunderstorm when lightning hit the Art School building and set off the fire alarm. This stretch of repeated summer evening thunderstorms is not the norm for Canberra and it makes the next day steamy which is also not usual. It makes zucchinis turn into blimps overnight and I finally made what I am convinced is my last batch of sweet zucchini pickle relish yesterday but I haven't made the pear jam yet. I was just too tired before we left to do it. The pear are cooling their heels in the fridge, so maybe Friday.

I spun enough silk in the car going to Victoria that I had to wind it off onto my nostepinne and I was surprised at how much there was on a Bosworth featherweight. I am down to the toe of the second summer sock. We went to Bendigo Woolen Mills and I got a huge cone of neutral coloured wool for weaving and they had bags of singles in various colours for prices like 50 cents which might be fun to experiment with. I also bought a cone of 3-ply fuchsia for weaving. As soon as I can convince the Bear to assemble my warping board I want to warp my loom while the experience is fresh in my mind. I think my project once we have done the learning part of the course is going to be a red and white twill wool scarf. I have a standard issue fan scarf, but I'd like something a little more dressy that I can wear every day. I am hoping my newly svelte body now fits into my leather coat since my lovely lambswool tailor-made dress coat seem to have been attacked by moths despite being bedded down to moth balls.

While we were away we missed the first round of the pre-season competition which the Swans promised to lose (to the Bulldogs) and they did. This week they are playing Richmond here on Saturday so we shall have to think about that. I have so much stuff going through my head regarding work (I have been volunteered to do a test of doing authority work on two different systems and time taken), the land purchase, various household tasks that need addressing (ironing), the garden and its needs, and all the textile/fibre stuff that is always running through my head. In addition it is getting ready to storm again so I better sign off.

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Congrats on finding some land!!!!!